Why I Changed My Video Editor…

3 min readMar 27, 2022

At this point I have tried ALL the editors which is popular enough that someone in the world knows about it.

If you have been in my YouTube channel for a while you might have already had some guesses on which video editor I might be using. And it has changed as time passed by.
My very first YouTube video is edited using KDenLive, which was what I used for some time, but then as I wondered around, I decided to go with some obscure ones as well. Just to give it a fair shot. And Honestly, I’m glad I did that.

Here some editors I tried:-

  • Blender
  • Flameshot
  • shotcut & openshot
  • olive
  • lightworks(trail version of course)
  • And a couple more which are not that popular
  • VSDC
  • Hitfilm

What I realised was that they not that different from premier pro or resolve(except for blender since it had a completely different workflow). And literally all of them had the features which I wanted.

I mean… I’m not intending my videos to be AAA quality movies. If you notice my videos, they are usually just cuts and blends between the cuts at the right timing to get my point out(along with some memes to just spice it up). And I’m sure many of you guys reading this are probably content creators on YouTube, video editors by profession or maybe hobbyist. You know, we probably need to choose the editor by the kind of profession we are in.

If I’m into a lot of collaborations, and movies premier pro or avid products would be the best. Maybe if you are professional but need a free version DaVinci is the best. But in my case, all I need is a simple, lightweight video editor.

I realised that premier pro and DaVinci- both were a bit too much for what I was doing. I barely need intense VFX(mostly) for videos on development, designing & editing what I wan’t.

Finally… What Editor Did I Choose?

From the last 5 videos of my channel, you might have noticed the inconsistency of the video itself. I tried Blender, but it ended up exporting in such a low fps, that I literally had a comment for it(and I could not resolve the issue). So, blender is probably the best for 3d.

So, I tried with flameshot, Shotcut and so on, but their workflow was fairly different from premier pro and DaVinci Resolve. Ok… I’m not gonna drag it longer, I decided to go with OLIVE VIDEO EDITOR.

It is a VERY new video editor. So new that it is still in it’s alpha stage. Even then… The workflow and the shortcuts are well thought out and the layout seems to be directly taken from premier pro(I know… All video editors look the same). It seemed for me, this editor which had all the glory of premier pro without the unnecessary bloat which don’t use.

So…Yeah… I decided to go with olive, Although, I might change it in future if I get any problems in it.
That being said, that is about it in this article.

I know… I know… It is a bit too short when compared to my other articles, but… I hope you understand my situation now, I’m in a middle of a war called exams, which even Steve Jobs dropped out of. I Apologies again for this, and with that said, check out my YouTube channel, my twitter and insta and so on(you know the drill). That’s about it in this article, I will meet you in the next article or video.

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