When Copyright Goes Too Far

Today, we’ll be having a look at children fighting with each other because both of them copied each other in the exams

I’ll just get started with some examples of what I’m trying to explain and you can say your opinions in the comment section. Have a cup of coffee while reading this. You’ll not regret that caffeine.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Naruto vs Slater

In 2015, a wildlife photographer from the United States took a bag filled with food, equipment, and cameras, into the wild to do his job. He reached the national park and went into the forest for taking some nice photos as anyone might do. This was when he had left his bag and his camera on the ground for some setup work. Here’s where it all started.

From the wild, came a monkey, which is the main focus of the story, even though it knows nothing about the situation. It picked up the camera, took of pic… a selfie to be more precise, along with some other of its poses. It indeed wanted to showcase the wildlife skills I guess. After this, the monkey did its job and went off. The photographer set up whatever he wanted and by the time he came back, he had some good pics he did not take but was taken by another skilled photographer.

Once he actually showed this to the world was when the problem began. PECON(whose full form nobody cares about), who were a group of “passionate” nonprofitable wildlife enthusiasts and an NGO, sued this guy. Yeah… I’m sure the monkey did not care about the PECON nor did it belong there. Yet, we had a third-party group come in between the monkey and the guy to sue him.

Why? You might ask… Well, technically according to the law, the photo belongs to the monkey since it took the picture. You might wonder how could a monkey own the copyright and enjoy the claim. Of course, it cannot interpret money, right? For that… the organization argues, that they would give bananas instead. Way to go.

I mean… At this point, I’d instead just give all the rights to the photographer on the pics he did not take. It’s like copyright-claiming pics taken by you for your friend. The photographer took it further by putting the photo on the magazine's front page, breaking the claim. He then had some legal actions taken.

Apple vs. Samsung

Apple has always tried to take over a specific market in a unique way and they have succeeded. But they also have failed attempts as you might guess. The problem comes in when Apple tries to take over the entire tech they started rather than letting it flow.

Stuff like these was VERY common when it comes to the patent and design of both Apple and Samsung products amongst each other.

On 29 June 2007, as everybody certainly knows, Steve Jobs famously repeated that we’d get messages, iPod, call, etc in one device 4 times and finally introduced another product with “i” as its prefix, where “i” makes no sense.

The iPhone was literally the first phone in the world with touch screens support. And then, as you might guess, Apple tried to copyright the feature of the touch screen which makes total sense from a sarcastic perspective I guess.

Once this was done, Samsung created their phone with android, making them one of the first non-apple brands for having a touch screen display. What could go wrong after this? Well… You guessed it right.

Apple then filed a case on a copyright issue with Samsung on 16 of the problems, where the following are important ones:-

  • trademark infringement
  • trade dress infringement
  • infringement of design patents

All of them were fairly legit and seemed just for Apple to file a case. Samsung really did change the complete design of their phones after the release of iPhones.

I’m not gonna drag this too much but it was just too similar to the iPhone in short. Apple won the copyright claims and finally for a billion-dollar compensation from Samsung. But then, just when you thought everything ended, Samsung stroked Apple with their list of patent designs that Apple was copying. This continued and the 2 children still fight for the chocolate they deserve.


What I mentioned above, are just examples of people fighting for no reason. Humans are not meant to be too rigid I guess. I mean… It’s alright to cross boundaries sometimes, especially when the cause is just too silly. Copyright is meant to make people have unique designs instead of copying others and making money off of it and I get it… But, it’s also useless, when it helps nobody.

You’re Awesome :)




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