What YouTube Could Learn From Its Competitors

As a content creator on YouTube myself, I always wanted to start posting videos on another platform along with YouTube just for curiosity.


With that said, I started looking for some alternatives to YouTube. Vimeo, DTube, Dailymotions, etc. After considering whatever seems good, I decided to go with odysee as the main YouTube competitor (due to various reasons). After the time of going around and playing with it, I realized that YouTube should consider changing some parts of the platform. I’ll go over what is Odysee, how I use Odysee, How this felt when compared to YouTube, and is it worth using currently?

Creating a Channel and getting started

Odysee had an easy process in general but to be honest setting it up was slightly more difficult when compared to YouTube. Don’t get me wrong though. The only reason which made it more difficult to set up was that it had more features to use.

The problem which had was to connect odysee to a bank account. Although it’s optional, odysee highly recommends it and… I just can’t do it (I don’t have one). There were some more features that just took a lot of time and I just skipped them (because I’m lazy).
Once all done, congratulations! (to myself), I now have a new place to post more tech, development, design, editing videos other than YouTube

Getting started and creating a video

This… was easier than YouTube. Some tags, title, description, thumbnail, and you are done. It does not have end screens or subtitles to worry about or anything like that which is not good since it’s one less feature and I’ll talk about that later down in the article.

Very Simplistic

Odyssee does not have an end screen nor does it have a card to put in the middle. It just simply plays videos. And I agree with you if you say this is a really good feature which they should add. We’ll see what we get in the future.

The Wallet

But the feature I love the most and I really think YouTube should have this on their shelves and mark this VERY IMPORTANT is that we can literally start earning money from the beginning(through tips). You also get these virtual points(sort of) which increase through views and activity, which you could re-spend back to your videos for a better recommendation. AND THIS is the best feature I have ever seen in a YouTube-like app. Through this, you can not only control what videos you want to recommend more but also manage the traffic of your complete channel which I think is really cool. You can now directly increase the traffic of a specific video if you want.

A Very Good Looking UI

The Interface in Odysee just looks… so good with the blurred background, cool animations, etc. I mean… This is completely up to you guys since it is without a doubt, completely subjective. But I really liked the smooth interface of odysee over YouTube(again, completely subjective).

The “Not So Good Side”

Of course, there are places where odysee is not even near to YouTube. And without a doubt, the first point is the community and support. A very good video in odysee would have about 5000 views. YEAH. Veritasium is a very popular channel in odysee(the PewDiePie of Odysee) and they don’t make it to 10k views…… This should state my point clearly. Odysee is not a populated place at all giving you very less views… If any.
Another place where Odysee falls is the ratio of creators and viewers. You see, many people who find out about odysee(like me) are already creators, so we use odysee to create rather than to watch. There are too many creators for a very limited audience, which not only increases competition but also misses the point. So… Yeah. This could be an advantage if you think of odysee as the community of creators, where creators share what they want with each other.

What YouTube Could Change

I’m sure Google won’t see this article, but here is what I want to share with the world in general.

From looking at some of YouTube’s competitors like Odysee, I can say for sure that YouTube is not going anywhere… even if other platforms have better features and integrations and companies.

And as my opinion, I really wish YouTube could have the following features:-

  • A mark or point system where a creator could “spend” their points to better increase the video recommendation.
  • Prefer quality over quantity (1 awesome video should be more recommended than 10 not so good videos)
  • A tipping system where the audience to tip the creator

I have to say… YouTube, is awesome in many ways. As much as we talk negative stuff about the algorithm, it does manage to segregate the 10 videos uploaded, every second you read this into what should be done with it. It also has some disadvantages like not giving importance to smaller creators and individuals in general, but… You get my point(it is a mix of both good and bad like anything in the world… except Elon Musk).


YouTube… In its basic form… is the best platform for me to upload my videos, just like Medium for my articles… But I personally feel that it would probably NOT be the case if it was not a monopoly in video watching(and I don’t consider insta, tik-tok, etc as a competitor of YouTube for many reasons).

I think this is a VERY good example of the saying…

A business would not correct its mistakes, if it had no competition to push it

If you are interested in more Tech, Development, Designing, and Editing, I post many videos related to this on my YouTube channel as well. Make sure you check it out just to not miss out on anything else.

That’s about it in this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ll meet you in the next post.

You’re Awesome :)





All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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