What Windows Does The Best?

There are some places where Windows is just the best compared to Both Linux and macOS. From something simple to something life-changing… Let’s go over them.

Windows is of course the most popular operating system in the world(if you don’t know this, you were probably born yesterday). It was started by the former richest person in the world Bill Gates and has blown all the way up… Here is the list of the things which Windows does the best…

What About The Flaws?

There are many of you guys who are watching my articles for the first time and you might think of the negative aspects of Windows. I have made a separate article on the flaws of Windows UI/UX, you might find that interesting. This article will be on Windows as a whole and not just UI/UX (and 11).

Flaws of Windows 11 UI/UX. I have used enough of windows 11 from… | by FadinGeek | Dec, 2021 | Bootcamp (uxdesign.cc)

Alright… Let Start

The Timing Of Windows

We will have to agree that Windows started at the perfect time. There was literally no competition at the point and this is probably the reason for Windows’s success. Of course, we had apple’s Macintosh coming in at this point but the price kept it out of competition for the “Normal People”.

The Intentional Mistakes They Make

This can be bad for us… Yes… a bit too bad for us. But there is someplace where Microsoft just lies about which would either bring their topics all over media or just help their product in an indirect way. Here is an example(which you might already know). Windows 10 was said to be the last version of Windows. They announced that from the point on, we would have on something called rolling release, where you just get updates and that is it. This grew so much in traction… People started talking about the pros and cons of this and why this is a huge change. This of course gave a lot of traction to Windows.

The reason I think they did this is probably to encourage the non-technical users to update to Windows 10 through the massive traction and headlines they got.

The Support They Managed To Get From The Community

As long as there are people who hate windows for specific reasons, there are always 100 times more people out there who are ready to die for Windows……Ok… Too far.

Windows has technically proven that quantity is sometimes more important than quality. All you need is a huge group of technical or non-technical users to make noise about the product and that is it…

The Windows community is awesome. If you have any problem in Windows, there will always be somebody out there who has had the same problem and has solved it.

The Products

Let’s be honest here. The operating system created by Microsoft has been well thought and gives everyone a fair chance. Yes, it does not work with tpm nor does it respect old computers. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how insanely easy it is to use it compared to literally any other operating system. Anyone who has never used it could get comfortable with it.

Windows at this point could have also been like Apple and restricted their products to just Windows or restrict Windows to just their hardware. This could increase their brand reputation. But, even if it is because they want to make a profit, they made it available to everyone where most of their products are free. Compare that to macOS, where you have to pay for any of their products, Windows seems to be going in a good direction here.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Microsoft could compete with 🍎. Microsoft is also generous enough to make it available with other platforms for free, at the same time encouraging you to get into the ecosystem(MS Office is an example of that). If this was apple, everything would be stuck behind a paid door inside macOS only.

Their Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy used by Microsoft is… well… well chosen I guess. All they have to do now is to bring Panos into the stage and make him act emotionally that Windows is a huge part of his memories. This might seem there is nothing special. Most people switch to something else if they want to want to. But, this would stick the hardcore fans of windows into windows, giving an advantage to windows in the long term. Think about the users who really get connected to Windows and force others to join them. Think about your friend who was using macOS but now switched to Windows after recalling his/her childhood.

The Competition

There is literally NO competition with Windows at this point. macOS continues to be expensive, so they cannot overtake Windows, nor can Linux since it wants you to know terminal, and also is divided into many chunks of distributions, which would confuse a “normal” user.

I can argue that it’s because of Windows. Windows has always slammed their competitors if any till now. Think about it… Every competitor of Windows till today. If they have some feature which Windows doesn’t, Windows would have it in the next release.

Don’t Care About The Haters

Even from my personal experience(which is not that great to boast about btw), The more you care and think about haters, the more your product goes away from your plan, and just so you know when I say “Hater”, I mean people who hate you and your work for no reason. They usually do not give a reason, and just publicly start talking crap about what you. They probably will never change even if you work your best to make them happy. Windows has had a lot of haters like that from the time of Vista. What has Windows done about it? Nothing… Neither have they addressed anything to them nor have they made a particular change for them. They make changes as they have planned. Not as people force them to do. Of course, there were some constructive criticisms that people bought up and Windows readily fixed them (like Windows 8 start menu).


As much as people hate Windows, it is one of the most awesome popular operating systems out there. Yes, the open-source people would not like it. Yes, it is bloated and yes, the panicle of the glory of it was Windows 7. Even then…… It is still the most used and will continue to impact our lives hugely.

If you are interested in more content like this, you might want to check out my YouTube channel, “FadinGeek” and with that, I will meet you next time.

You’re Awesome :)





All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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