5 Most Obscure Programming Languages You’ll Ever See

If You Have Seat belts on What Your Sitting On, Buckle Up… You’re Gonna see some Fun Languages Which You’ll Never See!!!

You know… What we have learned when it comes to most programming languages are all a bit too similar. I’m talking about syntax. And if you disagree with this, wait until you see the ones below.

You know what? I love them. It just proves that there are many ways to the same result.

Of course, we can see why the below ones are unpopular, but even then I just learn these LITERALLY for fun. They are too interesting and unique not to learn. Ok… I’m gonna keep the article short, simple, and to the point, not get you bored out. Let’s get started.


Yeah… That is the name of a language. I mean, although the name is… SEO non-friendly, the language itself is really creative. Again, it’s one of those languages which you could learn for fun.

For example, if you want to write “hello world” in Brainf**k, you type the following

  • +++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-]>++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.
  • <<+++++++++++++++.>.+++. — — . — — –.>+.>.

Of course, it does not have ANY practical use. It’s actually made to challenge you, the programmer which… I think has managed to accomplish.

This is a minimalistic language that uses only eight commands and an instruction pointer, each made up of a single character.

Creator Urban Müller was still a physics student when he made this language (in 1993). And what am I doing? Nothing… Although I can now understand the student-like naming.


ANYONE who knows English will understand this language. And I’m not joking. It’s literally English written as the syntax to make it a programming language.

Here is an example of a LOLCODE program










This is not me losing my mind and writing jibberish, it is a program. You know what I mean now. It’s certainly English in its worst state, made into a programming language. Again this is made for no use case. It’s probably just made for fun, which does its job well.


This, just like the above two are meant for no reason, but this goes all the way out when compared to LOLCODE.

I really don’t know this language so I could not add my own code, so here is a screen short of the language from google

At first, as you read this, it might not make sense as to how could this even be a programming language with syntax… BUT, here is a small example of how it works.

  • My heart is true — initializes the variable my heart with the Boolean value true
  • Tommy is nobody — initializes the variable Tommy with the value null using the nobody alias


HMM… At this point, I’m used to all the names given to a language. What’s next? Lion? Tiger? Octopus? Python? Oh, wait… Yeah, python is taken I’m sorry.

Chicken is a programming language that is meant to test your patience. In every way possible. ALL the language has got is the word “Chicken”. That’s it! You chicken as your code throughout the whole program to write the program. This required about half a page of code to write some simple programs like “Hello World”. Yeah… you should be the god of patience and you know, not getting tired of building anything in this.

Here is an example of the code of this language:-

chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken

chicken chicken chicken

chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken

Torbjörn Söderstedt was inspired after hearing Doug Zongker’s parody of scientific speeches to make Chicken programming language. To write the whole code would take half the page and consist of nothing but the word ‘chicken’

That’s it! Add some more “chicken”s to change it again.


Are you a fan of art, drawing, looks, and so on? This programming language is meant for you to play around with. It’s completely made so that the end code which written will look like abstract art which… You know is really cool. For this, you can have a look at the video below.

It is NOT my video and is linked from another YouTube channel.

Other Mentions…

  • Intercal


Out of all of the above, I tried around with Brainf*** to see how it works. I then realized that I have can’t say this out to anybody considering the name of the language. So I also tried around with LOLCODE which was really fun playing around, something completely new and unique to everyone.

Let me know I you guys want any video related to this on my YouTube channel. I’ll also post more on Tech, dev, design, editing overall in there so if you are interested, stay tuned for the upcoming content. Also, check out my Twitter and insta where I’ll post a lot more on this.

That’s about it in this article, I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ll meet you in the next video or article.

You’re Awesome :)




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