The era of “Coding” is ending | Why This is VERY Important?

6 min readNov 23, 2021

Yeah… I have researched very extensively and I have to say… Maybe people don’t need to code (at all). Now… hear me out and I’ll explain what I think.

I was just developing a web template (wasting time honestly), when this thought came into my mind, “What’s the use of coding this website, if anybody can do this WITHOUT CODING?” This lead me think

what’s the future of the developers?

This is important to me cause I am a developer… Let’s talk about it.

How it Started

It all started with Bernoulli’s numbers which is considered as very first programming language but it was really anything but that. I can’t imagine anybody programming with this.

The basic computer, which used no coding

But, this was the game changer. This is when people like Ada Lovelace came up with stuff like computer algorithms which further contributes to the computer science world.

This is what I called “The End of the First Phase” where people stopped thinking of computers as calculators (which they did for 1000s of years), but start thinking of computers as “machines which performs multiple tasks”.

Then came the major change. Computers started to perform tasks other than simple math operations. Programmers started “coding the computer”. Languages like FORTRAN were created. Time passed by and the languages continued to involve and now, we have languages like C++, python, Java and other languages to scratch our heads during computer exams.

This, I called, “Phase Two”. This is when programs are no longer viewed as something they need to create, but something they need to improvise.

What’s Happening Right Now?

Today, no one uses Bernoulli’s numbers. People just code.

You see, just for the transition from phase one to two mentioned above, we took about 1000s years (from the early abacus). BUT… I think that is not how it’s gonna work for us to transition from phase two to three. For us to go from phase 2 to 3, it would probably NOT take 1000 years. It’s gonna maybe take decades.

I think we are already starting to see the VERY VERY beginning of “phase three”, where we don’t have to code anything… Bare in mind, I think that we have very barely started to move to this phase and it’s probably a very slow progress.

Web Development : The First Evidence to spot

You can develop webs without coding

We are actually starting to see some evidence that this might have already started. The first place I can think of would be websites. Now… Yes, you will have to code an app or something which would be used to create a web. But… Again, this should be the beginning. Things like carrd, webflow or even org mode. All of these can give you amazing results for free and does not require html or anything like that.

Now stop… you might think of this small “evidence” as dumb or vague. But, you have to know that this is EXACTLY what happened even to the first to second phase, except that it was Bernoulli’s numbers used back then and it’s all programming languages now.

Software Development : Yes! You Read it right…

you should have heard of no-code development platform or ncdp. It’s basically the new thing to develop softwares without coding. Stuff like airtable, and so on…

Well… This is where the whole use of coding fades. If we can create tools which can create better softwares in lesser time, this could mean good and bad, and I’ll come to that later below. Again, this can be silly and vague, but this is a change seen from the past few decades.

Game Development : This should be easy and clear

This is visual scripting. Something which you can do without coding. This should be a clear proof, we are getting away from code

How many of you guys are game devs and is old enough to see a few decades before?(I’m sorry, I’m not that old) People pretty much used to use stuff like pygame, unreal script(later, unreal engine), and other scriptable languages. Have a look at the current state, and you get unity, unreal, godot, game maker studio, NON of which really necessarily needs coding (C#, C++, or gdscript). You can EASILY make the full game just using something called visual scripting, which is basically “games without coding”! Also, you have the “scene”, where you can visually inspect your game

Again, this is something which did not exists just decades ago. We are seeing the change now. I can only imagine the future.

What Could Be The Future?

I Don’t know the exact future, but I can say that it would go far from code

The future, I think would probably occasionally need a programming in some rare intervals, but the future would replace, coding and developers, with something 100 times simpler and easier.

Again, this can seem silly right now, but… We are seeing the start of the end of phase already. Now, we need to code apps which would be use to develop stuff without code.

Now here my point…

Either of these two would happen… People would just stop coding and develop stuff themselves, so the actual developers would be of no use, or developers would not be known for coding, but rather something else which does not require coding.

Even today, people rather head over to webflow to create a website. Web developers are usually used by most companies with enough investment (apple, Microsoft and so on). We are seeing SOME change which is the clue. Who knows? Today it’s websites and games. Tomorrow it might be Robotics and AI !

Conclusion On What I think

Honestly, I think that this is really good for people since they can do what they want without relying on developers. But developers would ultimately suffer cause they have nothing to do. And no… This not the real problem. The real problem comes when people can easily develop artificial intelligence and robotic without coding. This can affect humanity in a good and a bad way.

Either of these two would happen… People would just stop coding and develop stuff themselves, so the actual developers would be of no use, or developers would not be known for coding, but rather something else which does not require coding.

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I’ll see you next time

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