The 2 Best installation scripts for Linux!!!

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well this is something which I went through very recently. You probably know that I had made a post where I tried using Linux for 1 year for development, designing, and so on… It was an interesting time. If you have seen that definitely recommend that :)

If you are NOT the person who uses Linux systems, it is about time you should consider to give it a try!

Recently, I have been seeing a seemingly good competition between 2 installation scripts. They are free/open source and easy to use. I tried both of them,… and I think that they are probably one of the best beginner friendly scripts I've ever seen for arch Linux. I mean… you literally get a completely configured, themed, optimized desktop in both cases! That drove me very curious. So… here are the reviews of these two scripts :)

Note: They are arranged in a random order.

DTOS: Preconfigured easy to use xmonad window manager

A few months ago, (from the time of posting this) a popular Linux/open source YouTube channel, “DistroTube” maintained by Derek Taylor, published his own arch Linux desktop’s script. He called the “DTOS”.

DistroTube Channel
The Launch of DTOS

Well, this is undoubtedly, one of the most beginner friendly arch Linux installation scripts with a Window Manager!

Well you know this feeling if you have used a window manager… The first feeling you get when I say “window manager”, it’s probably dotfiles, configuration, and headache with the theming and bugs. So, if you are this, and you want a preconfigured open source arch Linux based system this is what you should choose.

The Xmonad Window Manager in DTOS

This script gives you a beginner friendly preconfigured window manager, with apps like emacs, file manager, terminal, themes, etc out-of-the-box. This off course helps you to show of to that friend of yours.

Where DTOS shines

DTOS seems to be the perfect distro to learn window managers. It’s the best script for people who wish to start with a “beginner friendly window manager”. It gives you the rabbit hole already dug up a bit deap, so that you can learn, and continue to dig it and it really work well even in its beta release. Looking forward for the stable release.

ArchTitus: So easy, even a beginner can use it!

Just at the same time around when DTOS was published, another YouTube channel, “Chris Titus Tech”, maintained by Chris Titus, published his version of beginner friendly Arch Linux. It uses KDE Desktop environment with easy to install script.

ArchTitus Script

The best part of this is that it comes with theming, layouts, apps, wallpapers, and other cool stuff preinstalled out-of-the-box!

The theming seems to be pretty good looking and impressive. The installation script should be in its beta release right now, so it does have some bugs. But, overall the installation script does everything for you.

It even installs the graphic drivers for you. Nvidia, intel, amd… anything… does it for you.

Where ArchTitus shines

This installation script is really helpful, when it comes to ease of use and driver installs. It comes with beginner friendly KDE desktop environment, with all your graphic drivers detected and installed for you in a distro which is comparatively difficult to install.

Final Thoughts

Both if these script are awesome! But they really give advantages to different places. DTOS is really good in being beginner friendly and easy to use, even though it offers windows managers, and other complex text editors, which or not really beginner friendly. It fits to people who want to get started with window mangers, emacs, and so on… ArchTitus is really good for beginners and easy to install drivers. It fits people who have some experience in Linux, but want to install arch Linux for the first time in their NVidia laptops.

With all of that said, what do you prefer? Have You tried any of them. Let me know in the comments :)

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That’s it for this post, I really hope you enjoyed reading this, share this to people who need this, and ill meet you next time :)

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