Secrets of User Delight: 10 Lesser-Known UI/UX Rules

4 min readAug 2, 2023

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design is more than just aesthetics; it’s an art of crafting delightful and intuitive experiences for users. While you might be familiar with the standard design principles, we’re about to uncover some hidden gems that can elevate your designs to a whole new level of excellence. Buckle up as we dive into the lesser-known, but highly effective, rules of UI/UX that will leave your users in awe!

Hick’s Law for Decision Making

Less is more! Hick’s Law reminds us that an overwhelming number of choices can paralyze users, leading to decision fatigue. To simplify the process, streamline your interface by offering fewer options. Keep it clear and concise, and watch as your users breeze through their decision-making journey.

Von Restorff Effect for Visual Hierarchy

Be the center of attention! The Von Restorff Effect tells us that standing out from the crowd is memorable. Employ this rule in your design by creating a powerful visual hierarchy. Make key elements pop with contrast and create an interface that guides users effortlessly.

Serial Position Effect for Content Ordering

First and last impressions matter! The Serial Position Effect suggests that users remember what’s presented at the beginning and end. Use this knowledge to your advantage by placing essential information strategically. Your users will thank you for making their memory work like a charm!

Gestalt Principles for Perception

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Gestalt Principles reveal how users perceive and organize visual information. Embrace proximity, similarity, and closure to make your design intuitive, coherent, and an instant hit among users.

Von Restorff Effect for CTAs

Stand out and get clicked! The Von Restorff Effect isn’t limited to visuals; it’s perfect for Call-to-Action buttons too! Make those CTAs impossible to ignore by adding contrasting colors or unique shapes. Get ready to see your conversion rates soar!

Fitts’s Law for Target Size

Size matters! Fitts’s Law teaches us that bigger targets are easier to hit. Enlarge interactive elements, such as buttons, to enhance accuracy and improve the overall user experience. With a tap here and a touch there, users will be navigating like pros!

Aesthetic-Usability Effect

Beauty and brains go hand in hand! The Aesthetic-Usability Effect reveals that users perceive visually pleasing designs as more efficient and user-friendly. Strive for elegance while maintaining functionality, and users will adore your masterpiece.

Progressive Disclosure

Step by step wins the race! Progressive Disclosure is the key to presenting complex information gracefully. Reveal essential details first and gradually offer more as users delve deeper into the interface. Say goodbye to overwhelming users and hello to seamless exploration!

Consistency and Familiarity

Be a friend, not a stranger! Consistency is the backbone of a stellar UI/UX design. Stick to familiar design patterns and language to make users feel at home. They’ll be navigating your interface with confidence and excitement!

Haptic Feedback for Engagement

Get touchy-feely with your users! Haptic feedback adds that extra “wow” factor to your design. Subtle vibrations or animations can boost user engagement and provide delightful confirmations, leaving your users craving for more.


By unveiling these hidden UI/UX rules, you now possess the secret sauce to mesmerize your users like never before. Embrace these lesser-known principles, tailor them to your unique design context, and remember to test and gather user feedback. As you embark on this thrilling journey, let your imagination run wild, and create designs that not only look beautiful but feel magical to your users! Happy designing!

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