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4 min readNov 5, 2022

I’ve gone through so many apps for this, that at least 80% of them are not going to be included in this list, considering that most of them are obscure. The apps I’m going to show you here are highly curated, filtered and quality ones which are not giving me any money to say about them. Just saying, none of them sponsored this, and I make no money from this article, so I have pure and unbiased opinions on all of these.

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The ones I’ve included here are the ones I use often for my stuff and recommend to other to use as well, BUT some(and you’ll know what ones) are not used by me because it just does not fit my use case, but I think it would help those who would want in a HUGE way and I just could not exclude it just because it does not suit me.

I do not focus them on specifically certain kinds of users like programmers, etc… It’s general and anybody could find all of these useful. With that said, let’s just get started with the apps, and just in case I get other useful apps that I feel to add to this list, I made this “part 1”.


Probably the best app I’ve ever seen when it comes to money management. It’s simple and does not give you too many features and calculations you don’t want. It gives and asks you exactly the data you need, like the cash you have investment cost, and so on. The UI it has is amazing and I’d recommend to everybody who has money. It’s simple to have the data in your pocket for your future plans and emergencies.


The major reason I love this is that it somehow makes my pics look way cooler than what it was, with any random effect I add. It lets edit images through your mobile phone with all sorts of advanced features you get from other image editors like GIMP and photoshop. Of course, it’s not close to both of them, but it’s cool that this app provides everything you need on your phone for image editing.


Over the past few days, I could not get my hands on my laptop because of a few problems, and I still had YouTube videos to make. This was when I came across VLLO. Unlike other mobile phone video editors, this app does not show you any ad while editing, or watermark after exporting, and is completely free to do most work. The only time it shows an ad is while exporting which I really don’t care about. It’s also “PRO” enough to make me feel at home as an advanced video editor.


This is probably the most producticity-focused app of all the ones mentioned here. This app allows you just save the little thoughts in your mind that you want to keep, like a travel list, shopping list, household chores, payment planning, bills, books to read, and finally annoying friend’s birthday dates, which you could have in Memorigi. It’s good for me because it’s not a project management app, and at the same time, not a complete daily task/project to-do list app. It just helps you keep some stuff in mind, and that’s it. I’m not gonna say a lot about this, and I’ll save this for my future articles.


This is an open-source, password manager, allowing users to save their passwords, card numbers, Identity, security note, and so on, all through a simple digital vault, which consists of a master password to protect it all. It’s reliable and efficient considering that it’s open source and you know that nobody is seeing your data and it’s available on EVERY platform — Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, BSD, and even as a web browser extension if you use some operating system which nobody knows about.

More Apps Like This You Must Have…

Here’s the article I’ve worked fairly hard on for you guys. This is the continuation of this article with a more informative and helpful collection of apps you might want to add to your daily life. Ok… See ya there.

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