PC Users Don’t Have to miss Out On AirDrop! Sharing Files Seamlessly!

Here are some OneDrop Alternatives in you pc with linux/Windows

yeah… I get it. Your apple friend is easily able to take photos in his/her iPhone and edit it in mac, and post his/her photo in insta in less than a minute.

But I have to say… It is ALSO easier to share files in your pc. What’s more? You also get many other features other than just sharing files.

Here are some alternatives every kind of non-mac user (even linux and chrome os)

The Apps I’ll be Talking About

So.. in short, I’ll be talking about 3 apps which provide the ability to share file easily in a matter of time. The first app is available in windows and mac at the time of writing this (I don’t know why you want to use it with a mac, but, it is there if you want)and is probably best for windows users. The second app is completely web based, so it can be used by any computer. Finally, the third computer is available only for Linux and BSD based systems.

Before starting, I will have to say that this is NOT Sponsored by anybody.

The First Application : Windows and Mac

Xdrop is an amazing tool made for windows users to feel home, yet share files that they want.

Now, this app has a simple process to install the desktop app in windows, and mobile app in play store in your phone. Once installed, all you have to do now is swipe in your phone to send a file, choose a file, and share. You now just have to receive it from your computer. That’s it!!!

Well… NO. That’s not it. There are some caveats. 2 to be precise.

The first one is the ads. You’ll have to watch at least one everyday. Heck, this even reminds this to you everyday. I mean, sure… you can have a routine where you can just keep it playing while doing some work and then stop worrying about it for the day, but even then, if you are that person who really gets very irritated from ads, you probable would find the ads as a big hurdle.

The second is that it needs a single wifi connection. Now this is something which makes this different from airdrop. AirDrop uses bluetooth to share files but xdrop uses wifi internet connection to do the same. I don’t have anything to say here, it’s just something we have to deal with.

The Second Application : A Web Application to be precise

SnapDrop seems to be one of those apps which can be used anywhere. If you are used to the workflow of it, you are done(no matter which operating system you use).

To share a file here you just have to install snapdrop mobile app or just open snapdrop website,(snapdrop.net) in both devices, and just choose the computer to which you want to share and that’s it. It should now share the files! It gives you ads and does the work to the point. To take it a step further it has an extension which can be installed in most web browsers. This extension can act like an app and open snapdrop in a new window (if that is something you want).

That is where the good ends. SnapDrop is completely web based. You can use a mobile app, or website in your phone, but you’ll have to use the website in your pc. This would probably waste a lot of time in just opening the web browser and opening the exact website. But, if you are a web person(web browser open all the time), then this would awesome

I mean yes, we have an extension which acts like an app but, you know that it won’t work as an application. Also, this requires you to be connected to the same wifi.

The Third App : Linux User? Here you go

KDE Connect is probably the best application you can have for linux systems.

This application is SO good, sharing files is just one of the many features. Once connected to your phone, it can find your phone if lost(by ringing at the max volume), it can view images, reply chats, have custom commands like shutdown/restart your computer from your phone, and the list goes on… It gives you NO ads, and is completely application based and is built on qt framework. If you use gnome desktop and not kde, you can use an extension called gsconnect which would do the work.

Well, off course, this also has some downfalls. It is not recommended to run on windows as it has bugs, lac of support and many other problems. This is probably the best in linux. It’s also available in mac but I don’t why you’d do that. Even this, like the other 2 needs to be connected to the same wifi.


All of the above applications are awesome and are completely free.

If you use windows and you want a desktop app, you want to go with xdrop. If you are a person who has a web browser open all the time, snapdrop really fits you. If you use linux, you would go with kde connect

So, Yeah… That’s about it for now. I hope this was informative and fun, check out my youtube channel “FadinGeek”

and I’ll meet you next time,

You are Awesome!





All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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All about tech, dev, design, editing… Hello there! I’m Akash, a YouTuber, a developer, a designer, and an editor :)

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