(off-topic) Humans are Going In The Wrong Way… A Bit Too Much…

I’m pretty sure that we are starting to see this… We, are already starting to see the end. You can disagree with this, but it’s too true to say no.

Hello, there :) I feel amazed that I’m talking with you, without any barrier, just through writing here in medium, and videos out there in YouTube. Why am I saying this? Cause I was not able to do this nor can you be able to read this if this was as recent as a decade ago… Yep, I would probably pay for a book to read something 10 years ago which I can read for free right now. Don’t get me started with what we have managed to do using videos.

Who Am I to Say This?

I am an in NO way any sort of expert in fields like biology, evolution, medicals, or anything like that. I am into tech, development, designing and editing. This article is a mix of nature & biology in general and technology & human evolution. If I make any mistakes in biological terms or anything like that, feel free to correct me.

This is something which I usually don’t post about. My posts(in Medium) and videos(in YouTube) usually circle around tech, development, design, editing, and so on. But this is something which I wanted to share from a long time, so… Yeah…

The whole thing which I said above leads me to what I’m about to say now… It took millions of years to build a wheel by a human. Thanks to that guy, it took took less than 4000 years for us to have a cart pulled by animals. This further lead to a simple cars in another 1000 years. And now, in about a century, we have made advance cars which runs using… Well… Any form of energy we give it(from heat to electricity to even just magnetic fields). The time which we are taking to advance is decreasing. Let me rephrase that. We are too fast in development. Too fast to be handled by the nature. Let me explain…

Pushing The Boundaries a Bit too Much

This is important. I’m talking about what humans are doing as a species meant to live in equality with the other elements of nature like other animals, biosphere and the environment itself.

An average animal(not an insect) is meant to be somewhere around in millions or billions. This leads to the point we are talking about. Humans are not meant to be in such huge numbers. I mean… Don’t get me wrong, every animal always tries to live their best and we humans are also just coded like that (I don’t know if there is any biological term for that so help me out with this if you are into bio). If we try too hard to resist ourselves, nature fights back. I’m talking about everything from resource consumption of the huge population to global warming to maybe huge glitches in nature.

The Usual Involuntary “Human” Actions

We are one of all animals, who fight. Well, that’s fine. But, we are probably the only ones who fight in ways that other animals don’t fight for. I’m talking about people who kill in the name of terrorism, racism, wars, power, authority and so on. It’s something which many people do as their “profession”. And the sad part is… We just cannot control this. And we know, that this will happen even if we try our best to stop. There WILL always be people out there who would want to bomb a country, after even knowing, that almost everyone in that country is literally doing their own work and not even interested in such subjects…

You probably see where I am going. WHO KNOWS??? Even such small conflicts could lead to the next massive world war And this time, through the immense technology, experience we have, we could wipe out ourselves.

We, Are Already In The Wrong Way

This can be different to different people based on their thoughts, so this is subjective and can vary.

I think we are already way in the wrong direction. I think Elon Musk put it right…

It’s very important that we have the advent of AI in a good way — Elon Musk

And… It’s pretty obvious that are gonna go wrong in AI, or anything similar. At SOME point of time. Out of all the humans we have and will have, there will be some person who would misuse AI in some way or the other. To add to the point, it’s not just AI… It can be anything from a corporate idea to just straight violence. There are just soo many things which can go wrong at this point and as we are “evolving”, the numbers are increasing… rapidly.

Let me take something very simple which everyone would know. CLIMATE… There has been an increase in 1 degree Celsius in one century (from 1900), and we can of course expect that to be 2–3 degree Celsius in the next century and this would continue to accelerate. A simple calculation could say that we would probably loose many of our forest resources and many places would probably be inhabitable just in the next couple of generations. And this is just climate which is not the most problematic to us. What about overpopulation, resources consumption and so on?

Finally… Technology

Technology might be our biggest problem. It is something, which is used to make our lives easy, some examples being transportation, mechanical work and of course, EVERYTHING else. It’s also something which makes out lives too easy, example being again, transportation, mechanical work and… again…EVERYTHING else.

You probably see the point. A human is created with respect to primary purposes by the nature. A human body is not meant to sit at a desk job but rather hunt. It’s not meant for using a macbook but rather meant for creating primary weapons for catching a prey. It’s not meant for staying in a building which we call home, it’s meant for staying out in the open or in a cave. If we break the law of nature, nature WILL strike and in this case, it’s evolution of human body. We don’t need our legs to move 50 miles, so we evolve to just move short distances…(probably takes MANY centuries but, you get my point) I don’t know, I might be wrong here, take this as a thought and not as a fact…


Anyways, I think this is a bit too much and we should slow down a bit. I would like to know what you guys think about this. Although I would like to remind you guys, this is written by a computer science student, not any expert of any sort and this is written to share my thoughts. I might be wrong on this and apologies in advance if I am…

A huge thanks to everybody who have followed and subscribed me here and YouTube. I genuinely could not believe we hit 225 followers in 2 months. It’s my pleasure to see you guys doing this :) I will not let you down and… yeah…

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and also my other medium posts. With that, we finally come to the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed it, and… I’ll meet you next time……

You’re Awesome :)




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