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You remember those days where almost EVERYONE used to use audacity. It’s the same even today, but this probably will change very soon…

Shortly put up, for those of you who don’t know, Audacity is a VERY popular audio editing software. I’m pretty sure most people who are into audio/video or any media production related topics know what this is. It’s too popular NOT to know of.

A Quick Note — Those of you who are following me might notice a slight irregularity in my content posts. I would like to apologies for that. I am working on multiple stuff right now, like the giveaways, and my next post which consists of hard core learning and experimentation. (not trying to brake the element of surprise here)

What Is Audacity?

So, audacity is what’s called an open source software. If you don’t know what it means, it’s pretty simple. The term “open source” (technically) refers to a product who’s source code is open to everyone. Not just that, anyone can copy, modify, rebrand & resell (technically called fork), and so on… Except the actual brand license, you can literally do anything with it.

What Happened and Why I Feel It’s VERY Fishy?

Imagine you buy a food product from a store. You take it home and you realize that you get poison for free with the food product (a buy one get one deal). Off course you would freak out. It’s something which is unnecessary and not needed. Well this is exactly what audacity seems to be doing right now.

A company by the name Muse’s Group bought audacity recently. People really though it was a casual transfer of ownership and nothing would really impact anyone and nothing drastic would change about audacity and it was true… Well… Until it’s major update came up.

The new updates of audacity goes like this : —

The product is completely open source and free to use. BUT, It would collect as much information possible from it’s software like error report, export import formats, session start and end, The Operating System and the audacity versions, to estimate the users using audacity, and more, using Google and Yandex telemetry in order to “improve” the user experience.

“Now what’s in that??? They are not collecting my secure passwords right?” you might ask. And you are right… They are not collecting passwords or your private files and using them. BUT, it does not mean that you need to ignore that. You have to remember that this is the very first step taken by the company which just bought audacity. And if this is the first step, we really don’t know the future. And also,

I really find this kind of telemetry and data collection unnecessary and not needed as I explained in the example above…

The telemetry added is not harmful or privacy invasive. It just wastes internet and gives a bad image about audacity’s future.

Long Story put short they are adding telemetry in an open source software. Now, I would not be surprised if Microsoft or Apple tried to do this. After all they are closed source softwares. Ok Ok… I have a confession. Yes, I’m pretty sure other proprietary softwares does the same. Yes, the data collected is not harmful. BUT, the reputation of the software itself is that it is open source and was not bloated with telemetry. If this itself is the first step then should probable be worried about it’s future. (Again, this is what I think. Feel free to disagree)

Audacity Alternatives

Well… Here are Some Alternatives which I found and I’ll also mention my choice in the end(btw, my choice may not fit your choice. This is subjective).

Ocenaudio (free)

This is probably the most beginner friendly software for audio editing. As soon as you finish installing it (which is super simple), you are ready. You can just get started with recording the audio for what you want, or edit an audio of what you already have. This software is very easy to use and can help simple audio edits be done faster.

It is available for windows, mac and Linux. It has a really good support with helpful community (although not as huge as audacity) and can help you with what you want.

The drawback of this software is that it is just made for simple, quick and easy edits. The features which you have in this are not a lot and can be limiting for a professional, although most users can find what they want here.

Audacium (Free)

Audacium is a fork of audacity, with all the telemetry removed and all the with some added dark theme to it.

It provides all the features which audacity has if not more. It is an amazing fork and can be downloaded for windows, mac and Linux. This, being a follower of audacity, does everything to get away from telemetry and does the work of audacity properly.(Personally, love the dark theme)

The drawback, is that this is not as active as audacity. Although it has everything you want, it does not have a community as such(yet) built around it, it does not have a specific download page, or even a homepage website. It is currently just a GitHub project which has just started. Although it can be very popular in the future, we are yet to reach there and we shall wait for that.

Ardour (Freemium)

Ardour is a slick audio editor which gives almost all the functionalities from audacity and is very easy to learn, quick to edit and has a fast workflow.

Source code is available and they don’t seem to steel your data. This is

Ardour is free, but it would not work if you are editing audio of length more than 10 minutes, which is off course a huge problem.

Now, if you are a person who usually edit audio of length less than 10 minutes, awesome! You can use it, although I would recommend another editor to be installed just in case you want something else.

Obviously the drawback is that you have to pay. I mean… come on. Most of you will have to edit audio of length more than 10 minutes. So don’t expect to manage your audio files in the free software.

Dark Audacity (Free)

Now, this is probably the best one which you can find. It gives a slick dark theme, having all the features of audacity. All of this, and does not have telemetry in it (at the moment).

There is really nothing to say about this. It’s exactly audacity without telemetry.

The only drawback (which I can think of) right now would be that we really don’t the future of even this. You see, since this is a fork of audacity, it follows audacity, just with the dark theme. We also should understand that this remains couple versions behind audacity. So even though we don’t have telemetry for this now, we don’t know what developers would do in the future releases.

What I Did Not Mention

Off course, adobe audition, garageband, and so on.. are some ones which I did not mention the major reason being they are all super bloated. I can do the same work in the above editors which can be done in audition or garageband.

I agree… audition and garageband has some extra features like account sync better integration with other environments (audition to adobe premier pro, etc), but, again, they went completely against the point of this article(free, open source alternatives). Also, the alternatives above can do literally ANYTHING(of not more) than what audacity does by features.

My Choice And Conclusion

Personally, I really loved Ocenaudio. It gave me everything I need (considering I edit audio for my games, projects and YouTube videos). There was really nothing I missed as feature when working with Ocenaudio so I was pretty satisfied with what I had. Although I have to say that I have been around with Audacium as well for a while. With that said I have to say that this is my personal subjective choice and your choice might defer from mine based on your interests, use case and perspective.

With that said we finally come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed this, check out my YouTube channel “FadinGeek” and…. Yeah… I’ll meet you next time.

You’re Awesome!




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