Apps which does not have alternatives…

There are apps which just ha it’s own path as they don’t have competitors to it yet.

4 min readNov 24, 2022

Let’s go over them and you’ll know what I mean. These are apps which are given too much of importance to. So much, that nobody even care to compete with them and this really makes them too dominant. Ok let’s just get going with the list.

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OBS Studio

You ask anybody streaming in this world and at least about 95% of all people who stream/record for content creation either use OBS Studio or some fork of OBS like streamlabs and so on. And there isn’t any better you could get with this kind of software. It’s also completely open source and does most of the record/stream/sync services with most platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

After Effects

Now Of course I know some of you might not agree with me on this, but even now if try searching for a valid VFX software, the nearest you can get is something like Blender or DaVinci Fusion and other insanely paid ones, but neither of them are as feature rich as Adobe After effects neither of them specially consider VFX as it’s special part.

Also, most of the genuine alternatives to this are highly paid in many ways and has some or the other place where they fall over after effects.

Adobe really makes a good move in seperating and making sure that they concentrate on making each of it’s part the best and it makes the difference. I mean… sure, we do have Natron and other apps, but it still does not do the work of Affter effects using a timeline workflow.

Pro Tools

Now I get it… It’s not just one software here. It’s gives you everything related to sound editing and music creation and honestly, personally there is no software which could create music as good as or as efficiently and easily as Pro Tools — If you know what I mean.

Why Am I Bringing All These Software?

This should being me to the question… What is the use of me talking about all these apps? Is that even useful? Well yes… These apps which I just mentioned have no competitors, and people who actually use this app have no option other than using this. Sure, they do have alternatives, but they are so far away that it’s unfair to call them competition. So yeah… We do need SOME other people making an app like the ones in this list at least to push them to compete and get better faster.

Last Mentions

Now here are some ones which… Misses the bus which also make a huge difference and do still need some competition.


I included this here because this is the only free audio editor which so many features and no choice left for audio editors. The audio editors have so less choice, that if you need to use an audio editor for free, you have to use this… pale, kind of ugly software without any extra features like dark mode, etc although they have the time, and energy to put into that part of the software.


I include GIMP here because there is no software competing with GIMP, which is free and useable by anyone. It’s just this and Photoshop, which leaves people with a very small collection of software to choose from.

So yeah… I hope you guys got something from this and enjoyed it. I could not write a lot of articles last week due to my health, and I’m getting back not. I’ll be making more videos on this on YouTube and Insta. If you feel like contributing to me, consider my Patreon. With that said, follow my socials for more like this and I’ll meet you in the next one.

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