AI Apps I Use To Code To Boost My Workflow…

I’m almost sure you don’t know most of these, and will find something useful

3 min readMay 19, 2024

The world of AI coding assistants is booming, with new tools emerging all the time. While heavyweights like Github’s Copilot grab the headlines, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. I’ve been trying many AI apps/tools for a while now, and here the shortlisted ones which I found actually useful and significantly improved my with.

Bug Slayer: DeepCode

Let DeepCode be your guardian against bugs and vulnerabilities. This AI scans your code like a hawk, identifying potential issues before they cause problems. Integrate it into your workflow for continuous code monitoring.

Search Like a Pro: Gaudium

Finding that needle-in-a-haystack code snippet just got easier. Gaudium leverages natural language processing to understand your search queries and pinpoint the most relevant code within your codebase or public repositories.

Your AI Coding Coach: Codota

Stuck on a coding hurdle? Codota is your friendly AI tutor. Ask questions in plain English, get code examples, and even generate simple code snippets based on your instructions.

The Developer’s Swiss Army Knife: Sapien

While not laser-focused on coding, Sapien deserves a spot in your developer toolkit. This AI model, trained on a massive dataset of code from Github, can generate different creative text formats, translate languages, and answer your coding questions in an informative way.

All-in-One Powerhouse: Ponicode

Ponicode is an AI-powered IDE that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your coding process. From code completion and error checking to refactoring and debugging, Ponicode is your one-stop shop for efficient coding.

The Github Powerhouse: Copilot for Visual Studio

Deserving of mention, Copilot by Github leverages OpenAI Codex to provide game-changing code completions. These context-aware suggestions can significantly boost your coding workflow.

The Machine Learning Guru: Tabnine

Looking for intelligent code suggestions? Look no further than Tabnine. This AI code completion tool uses machine learning to provide insightful suggestions, can assist with code refactoring, and even helps identify errors and generate documentation.

Build Your Own AI Arsenal: AI21 Studio

For developers who crave ultimate customization, AI21 Studio is a dream come true. This AI-powered platform allows you to build and train your own custom AI models specifically tailored to your coding needs.

AI as a Partner, Not a Replacement

While these AI tools offer incredible capabilities, it’s crucial to remember that they are there to augment your coding skills, not replace them. Use these AI apps strategically to enhance your workflow, improve code quality, and become a more productive coder.

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